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How to protect your cryptocurrency?

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Today, digital coins cost a lot of money, and this article will definitely come in handy. Today I will tell you about 5 rules that can be your digital reserves. So let's get started:

  1. Complicate passwords. The standard combination like "admin123" or "root" is not the place in your wallets. Experiment with the registration, characters and various words that automatically become impossible to choose. This golden rule should be used by everyone, both beginner and experienced user.
  2. Use of licensed antivirus, as well as equipment from the official manufacturer (we are talking about ASIC miners and the same devices).
  3. Get some email inboxes. One exchange - one email address. One wallet - one email. This way you can minimize losses in case you have access to your email.
  4. Clean your browser history, if you use online wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. The same goes for cookies and auto-complete. Imagine that this will be if your laptop with an authorized account will be stolen by an attacker?
  5. Withdraw money from stock exchanges. All attacks on the hacker attack have always been successful. For this there are special specialized storage.

Digital security is a complex and complex concept, but it rests on exactly 5 described facts. Be careful, share your thoughts on the security of cryptocurrencies in this topic. Good luck!

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