Mining at ASIC in 2019

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Since the beginning of 2019, the main Bitcoin cryptocurrency has grown more than 4 times from ~ 3200 to $ 13,900 for 1 btc. This gave a new round of growth in the complexity of the Bitcoin network and the increase in prices for mining equipment.

In this article we will look at what is profitable now, fix it for price history and talk about prospects.

Mining profit for ASIC in $ and btc:

ASIC power/day  Profit per day $ Profit per day btc
Antminer S9k (16 Th/s)  38 kw. 6 0.00059
Antminer T9+  (12 Th/s) 33 kw. 4,4 0.00041
Antminer T17 (38 Th/s)  52 kw. 13,5 0.00153
Antminer S17 (53 Th/s)  50 kw. 19,18 0.00213
Antminer L3++ (602 Mh/s)  15 kw. 2,8 0.00029
Antminer DR5 (34 Th/s)  38 kw. 5,50 0.00054
Antminer Z11 (140 ksol) 34 kw. 19,80 0.00202
Innosilicon T2T (30 Th/s) 52 kw. 10,50 0.00106 
Avalon 920 (18 Th/s) 40 kw. 6,20 0.00064 
Dragonmint T1+ (32 Th/s)  67 kw. 11,40 0.00113
Whatsminer M20S (70 Th/s) 79 kw. 24,20 0.00243
Whatsminer M21S (56 Th/s) 80 kw. 19,40 0.00195

* Please note that this is an income excluding energy costs, not net income.

The yield on July 2019.

Antminer ASICs are still the most stable and predictable. S9, regardless of the modifications, shows the best yield at a low cost of electricity, S17 is currently the most energy efficient on the market, suitable for someone with expensive electricity.

Payback ASIC 2019:

ASIC Price* Payback days**
Antminer S9k (16 Th/s)  750$ 167
Antminer T9+  (12 Th/s) 410$ 136
Antminer T17 (38 Th/s)  3.100$ 271
Antminer S17 (53 Th/s)  3.800$ 223
Antminer L3++ (602 Mh/s)  290$ 131
Antminer DR5 (34 Th/s)  890$ 222
Antminer Z11 (140 ksol) 2.700$ 154
Innosilicon T2T (30 Th/s) 1.520$ 145
Avalon 920 (18 Th/s) 840$ 182
Dragonmint T1+ (32 Th/s)  1.100$ 126
Whatsminer M20S (70 Th/s) 2.500$ 119
Whatsminer M21S (56 Th/s) 1.800$ 120

* Price data are current as of 07/01/2019, information provided by Crazy-Mining.

** When the cost of electricity is 0.04 $ per 1 kW.

Despite the fact that, for example, Antminer T9 + and Antminer L3 ++ are among the fastest payables, we recommend looking at energy efficiency as well. In fact, these ASIC are already more than two years old, less energy-intensive ASIC have come to replace them, which means with the next jump in complexity up, they will no longer be profitable and the payback period will be several years. All this is provided if your electricity cost is not close to zero, as in some countries that use alternative energy for mining (solar panels, wind generators, hydroelectric power plants).

We recommend looking towards ASIC on 7nm chips, such as Antminer S17 and Antminer S19, in the future with Bitmain in August-September 2019.

GPU Mining 

Over the past year, the ASIC has almost completely supplanted the video cards.

A new farm for mining of 6 gtx1060 6gb costs  1,700$, and its daily income is only 3$ (0.01 eth), the payback period is more than 560 days. In the new RTX 2000 series video cards, at their cost, the payback can generally go up to 5 years.

“Mining is not profitable”?

Mining in 2019 is relevant. Despite the increase in complexity and the absence of such a rush as before, mining has become a whole industry of many large companies and accounts for a significant share in the energy sector of some countries.

Starting mining in 2019 or not, it’s up to you to decide that private mining becomes more difficult, large companies buy and place equipment at wholesale prices, which is more difficult for a private person, but there are always options … right?